Just like a roof, we can count on the tensile structure to shelter us from the rain and the sun. However, it is often felt inadequate when applied in certain parts of the world that encounters extreme weather, such as variable weather conditions.

The environment within the structure is maintained due to the protection and insulation provided by the fabric even if the sides of the structure are exposed.

Being fully of such a need, ATEJA through international brand AGTex that continues to grow and innovate, introduces a new type of membrane that can withstand the heat or cold that is inside the structure.

Through meticulous research and by utilizing the latest technologies, Vapour presents with two special layers that not only can provide a sense of security from the rain or heat, but also maintain a comfortable temperature and environment inside the tensile structure further contributing to the ambiance and comfort for everyone. 

Enhance Acoustic Panel Effect
Maintain the Room Temperature Stays Warm
Protect from any Weather Disturbance
Insulation for Home Use


The technical specification shown here are based on the best current available and average results from laboratory testing with at ±5% tolerance and provided as a source of information only and do not constitute any agreement concerning the good's warranty and refers to the goods supplied on original state without any processing done by the customer.

The specification suggested here does not guarantee the particular application of the customer and it requires the customer to conduct their won comprehensive test concerning suitability of the material for its intended application.

Technical Properties

Coating Material : PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Base Fabric : High Tenacity Polyester
Total Weight : 1,250 gr/m2
Width : 250 cm, 300 cm
Thickness : 3 mm
Tensile Strength : 120 daN/5cm
Tear Strength : 10 daN
Working Temperature : -30 ∼ +70 oC
Flame Retardancy : Available upon request
Adhesion : 9 daN/5cm
Finishing : Glossy/Matte
Quality Management System : ISO 9001:2008
Standard EN ISO 2286-2 : Total Weight & Thickness
Standard EN ISO 1421 : Tensile Strength
Standard EN ISO 2411 : Adhesion
Standard DIN 53363 : Tear Strength



A well known AGTex double-four layers technology that consisting of base fabrics, primary & top coating and surface treatment (lacquering) are brought to you with Vapor product.

This double-four layers provide you a durable fabric with several advantages such as impressive dimensional stability, good tensile strength and good elongation rupture.

And the special surface treatment (lacquering) as its added value provide you a superb resistance to ultra violet, rain and abrasion.

AGTex Coating

AGTex product line are created by an integrated European coating technology combined with technical expertise to provide you a durable and flexible membrane fabrics.


As the result of our continues improvements and researches, the insulated Vapour is brought to you as the ultimate solution for your various needs such as insulated. 


  • Limitless architectural design possibility
  • Low construction cost & efficiency
  • Available for large size roofings & fitting
  • Lightweight and flexible yet strong and durable
  • Easy handling and fast installation
  • Mobile, temporary and permanent basis use
  • Weather and environmental friendly


  • Sound Reduction Against External Noise Absorption of Internal Noise
  • Constant Temperature
  • Cost Efficiency, Nulling the Need for Added Heating
  • Condensation-Free Environment