AGTex Multi-Purpose Weather Cover

AGTex Multi-Purpose Weather Cover help to protect your furniture from weather-related damage such as against rain, snow, and other outdoor elements.

Engineered and tested for strength, durability, and guards against all types of weather. Suitable for everyday use; ideal for off-season. To help you keep your furniture dry and clean for your next outdoor gathering.

Product Features

Ultra protection weather cover made of waterproof fabric. The water resistant coating keep your furniture dry for all seasons.

Technical Properties Weather Cover

Composition : Polyester 40%; PVC 60%;
Weight : 215 gr/m2/td> EN ISO 2286-2
Width : 150 cm EN ISO 2286-1
Roll Length : 100 meters EN ISO 2286-1
Tensile Strength : Warp: 1.000 N/5cm | Weft: 900 N/5cm ISO 1421
Tear Strength : Warp: 80N | Weft: 80N DIN 53363
Seam Slippage – Load Applied 180N : Warp: 4mm | Weft: 4mm ISO 13936-2
Color Fastness to Rubbing : Dry Rubbing (Warp / Weft): 4-5/4-5 | Wet Rubbing (Warp / Weft): 4-5/4-5 EN ISO 105-X12
Abrasion Resistance : > 150.000 BS EN 14465:2003 Annex A
Water Repellency Spray Test : 80 AATCC 22-2005
Hydrostatic Pressure Test : > 1.040 mm/bar AATCC 127
Pilling Test : 4/5 BS 5811:36.000 Revolutions or 10 Hours
Color Fastness to Artificial Weathering : 8 ISO 105:B04
Weathering : > 1.500 hours ASTM G53-96


  • Applicable anywhere
  • Surface protection
  • Long Lasting


You can use AGTex Furniture Cover to protect your favorite furniture from erratic weather, be it heat, rain or even snow.

With optimal protection provided by AGTex Furniture Cover, your favorite furniture is protected from moisture generated from cold air with the insulation feature; keep the temperature of your furniture warm at all times.

With a material that is light and easy to shape according to the model of your furniture, AGTex Furniture Cover also has a perfect waterproof feature, not letting even a drop of water into the furniture it protects.