Multi-Purpose PCV coated fabric.


Applying a proprietary exterior coating as a surface sealant provides maximum protection quality against atmospheric, chemical, microbial, fungal attacks and harsh weather, ultra violet rays, thermal damage, rain, abrasion and flame retardant.


Multi-Purposes Tarpaulin PVC coated fabric that can be used for various needs such as tents, inflatable toys, truck cover & side curtain, and so on.


Multi-Purposes Meshes PVC coated fabric which is lighter and easier to be used (without have to build a complex structure) as a shade to cover various activities such as sail shade, agricultural shade, patio sail shade, and portable safety fence.


Multi-Purposes Inflatables PVC coated material which can be used for inflatable toys, inflatable pool, advertising inflatable arches and inflatable structure.


Multi-Purposes PVC coated material which can be used for tents, truck covers, personal equipment & general cover tarps in military or army look context.


Vapour not only can provide a sense of security from the rain or heat, but also maintain a comfortable temperature and environment inside the tensile structure further contributing to the ambiance and comfort for everyone.